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How a Growth Mindset Leads Companies through Sustainability Management

Embracing innovation and data-driven decisions: The key to achieving sustainability in industrial facilities


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The perfect storm of sustainability management has arrived, interconnecting urgent environmental challenges, complex solutions, and the absence of standardized methodologies. While many firms have announced their ESG goals to answer the call of corporate environmental stewardship, only 40% have created 5-year roadmaps to reach them. [1]

Addressing unique sustainability needs without effective operating procedures daunts many industrial facilities as sustainability measures become industry standard, evidenced by the 48% of companies that listed "Collecting Emissions Data" as the biggest obstacle to implementing sustainability initiatives. [1]

To navigate a sea of data and advice, there are three critical factors for an organization to consider in order to implement sustainability management successfully:

  • The Power of a Growth Mindset

  • The Urgent Need for Innovative Approaches

  • The Importance of Data-driven Decisions

Embracing a Growth Mindset

When standard solutions do not exist, it's time to break free from the confines of existing methodologies. This is where a growth mindset comes into play. Embracing a growth mindset means being open to new possibilities, thinking creatively and collaboratively, and being willing to innovate. It's about challenging the status quo and exploring unconventional solutions to complex sustainability problems.

Accepting Innovative Approaches

Sustainability in industrial facilities is no longer a choice but a pressing necessity. The convergence of urgent environmental concerns, complex facility requirements, and the absence of standardized methodologies has created the perfect storm. Each facility is unique, with distinct sustainability needs arising from business goals, facility age, infrastructure restrictions, regulatory requirements, climate, and more.

Data-Driven Decisions and First Engineering Principles

An innovative approach and growth mindset combined with data-driven decisions based on first engineering principles is the key to simplifying complex tasks and achieving better solutions faster. Rather than outsourcing problem-solving, facilities are discovering that relying on their own expertise and data-driven insights leads to more cost-effective and reliable outcomes. Facilities can optimize their operations and sustainability efforts by applying engineering principles and harnessing data. As the result of this approach, the facilities are able to address complex challenges faster and at a lower cost.

While many companies want to be better stewards of the environment, the necessity of collecting data, coordinating financing, and establishing new procedures can stand in the way of progress. With an organizational mindset change, any facility can begin to comprehensively change operations and meet sustainability goals in-house. By having internal experts who understand the intricacies of their systems and ever-changing priorities, facilities can define the best solutions by leveraging digital innovation.

Facilities that have embraced the Growth Mindset have already seen significant improvements to their bottom line and ESG timelines. FTD’s solutions give our clients the data-driven roadmap they need for sustainable facility management, resulting in 9 billion gallons of water conserved (and counting), $60M OPEX saved, and $11M in CAPEX avoided. Any corporation can achieve this level of improvement, but it begins with a Growth Mindset. Learn more about the Growth Mindset and start your company’s journey to Net Zero.

[1] "Veolia Triple Net Zero Readiness Study: Are US Companies on course to meet their sustainability commitments?"

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