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Navigating Sustainability: FTD solutions' Path to Industrial Efficiency in 2023

How FTD is enabling sustainability with measurable impact


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FTD solutions 2023 highlights

In 2023, leaders in the manufacturing sector discovered a beacon of guidance in FTD solutions. Our Water Management Application (WMA) software emerged as a crucial tool for navigating the intricate complexities of industrial facilities, focusing on optimizing efficiencies and driving sustainable performance.

The results? Staggering global impact and significant benefits for everyone involved.

Take, for instance, one of our clients who, within a year of deploying our WMA, saved over 9 billion gallons of water and realized cost savings exceeding $60M, with projections of $140M in savings the following year.

FTD solutions leverages our proprietary software to illuminate pathways for industrial facilities to enhance capacity, align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, and manage industrial wastewater efficiently. The year 2023 also marked the expansion of FTD, notably with the development of our Energy Management Application (EMA), building an all-encompassing solution for environmental sustainability.

2023 Highlights: A Year of Recognition and Impact

  • NextRise Innovation Award: At the 2023 conference in Seoul, South Korea, FTD solutions was honored among 330 nominees, securing recognition for our climate technology.

  • Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships: Our collaboration with CEA-Leti, GWI, BlueTech, K-water, CTA, Air Liquide Balazs, and many industry sustainability leaders underscore our commitment to water management innovation.

  • Industry Leadership: FTD solutions continued to lead activities developing standards and technology roadmaps in high purity water and semiconductor sustainability. 2023 was a year of substantial progress in ESSF (Environmental Sustainability of Semiconductor Facilities), the IRDS Roadmap, and publications of two new standards by SEMI Standards.

  • Collaborative Impact via UPM23: At Ultrapure Micro 2023, in collaboration with the conference organizers and other industry thought leaders, FTD solutions led critical discussions on growth and sustainability in the semiconductor industry. Our team's active involvement and accolades, including an Outstanding Presentation Award for team member Lindsey Sullivan, highlighted our drive for excellence.

  • Networking Effects: Combining sustainability initiatives of FTD with similar efforts of SCREEN Semiconductor solutions Co., Ltd. opens opportunity for faster and better results. While adopting the FTD WMA and related methodologies in SCREEN’s facility in Japan, we collaboratively explore opportunities to leverage digital twin technology, furthering innovation for sustainability.

  • Conferences and Workshop: FTD solutions’ insights at the SEMI Digital Twin Workshop and numerous other events showcased our innovative approach in utilizing water and energy digital twins for sustainability in industrial facilities.

Looking Forward

As manufacturers globally strive for sustainable solutions and a competitive edge, FTD solutions remains at the forefront, expanding our influence across diverse markets and contributing to global efficiency and sustainability. Reach out to FTD solutions to enhance your facility’s efficiencies, boost water reuse rates, avoid unnecessary CAPEX, and discover how you can further your sustainability goals.

We look forward to an equally exciting and impactful 2024 with Team FTD!

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