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FTD Solutions Aligns with Industry Partners to Address Sustainability Challenges

The semiconductor industry is leading the way in environmental sustainability, recognizing the significant and complex environmental footprint it carries. This provides a big opportunity for the world as the industry, known for its innovative nature and proven track record of solving difficult problems, is now committed to positive impact for the environment.

The industry's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in action through several examples of key initiatives and collaborations:

🛣️ The semiconductor industry's technology roadmap has established its first Environmental Sustainability for Semiconductor Facilities (ESSF) chapter. Led by experts from Intel, AMAT, Micron, Samsung, TSMC, Screen SPE, ASM, and many others, this chapter will provide long-range planning for sustainability in semiconductor facilities. Keep an eye out for its expected publication this month!

🌎 The SEMI Sustainability consortium is actively driving sustainability efforts with the participation of leading semiconductor companies and suppliers. Their mission, as outlined on the SEMI website, is to promote sustainable practices and innovations across the industry.

🧑💻 Individual semiconductor companies are setting ambitious sustainability goals and committing substantial resources to achieve them. For instance, TSMC has established comprehensive sustainability targets and is dedicated to making a positive difference.

📢 The Leti Innovation Days featured a dedicated Sustainable Electronics Conference, where FTD Solutions CEO, Slava Libman is invited to speak on the topic of addressing environmental challenges in the semiconductor industry and beyond. This highlights the industry's commitment to finding novel approaches to tackle sustainability issues.

🔧 FTD's WMA software, already utilized by leading semiconductor companies, is poised to play a catalytic role in the industry's sustainability journey. As it evolves into a full FMA (environmental sustainability solution), this software becomes a vital building block. Enabling digital transformation in one of the most complex areas of decision-making, it facilitates optimal environmental outcomes, lower costs, and faster results.

💪 We are honored to be part of the solution to the environmental challenges among leading industrial sustainability players. The recent NextRise 2023 Innovation Award serves as recognition of FTD's role in addressing sustainability challenges head-on.

By harnessing the power of innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technologies, the semiconductor industry is spearheading environmental sustainability efforts. Together, we can drive meaningful change, protecting our planet for future generations. Let's continue pushing the boundaries and making a difference!

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