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Sustainability Results You Can Track

  • FTD currently supports industrial site water management, including all water and wastewater systems affected. Complete sustainability platform is under development.

  • The WMA platform of FTD is applicable to any industrial facility that needs a wholistic approach for planning and optimization of investment and performance (capacity, compliance, cost, reliability, etc.).

  • Depending on data availability, the effort typically takes 4-6 weeks for the most complex facilities.

  • FTD follows requirements consistent with the industry standards and the definitions of its most demanding clients. Using reputable and tested cloud services and conducting regular information security tests, FTD ensures the peace of mind of its customers.

  • FTD needs any document, as simple as schematic block diagram describing main systems and their interconnectivity. Flow balancing will require information about water demand by manufacturing process and the facilities. Internal/external infrastructure capacity and environmental compliance data will be necessary for the gap analysis.

  • WMA digital twins help to better understand the intricacy of the site water management; it makes complex decisions simpler and faster; it enables collaboration and transparency; it provides an administrative platform for change management and a data repository, and much more.

  • Digital transformation provides opportunity for higher productivity in data processing, standardized reporting, expedient and higher quality decisions based on collaborative learning, quality control, and other functionalities not supported by the spreadsheets.

  • WMA is a cloud-based proprietary platform originally developed for “engineers by engineers”. It is based on a patent pending original algorithm and incorporates best known industry practices, allowing for optimization with no, to minimum involvement of other experts.

  • The FMA is a data management platform where digital twins are built and environmental sustainability performance is validated. FMA reports provide downloadable information that is easy to convert into any custom reports.

FTD Solutions utilizes proprietary software and customer success expertise to empower industrial facilities to optimize resource management, ensuring environmental sustainability. No matter how simple or complex the site water management scheme is, the decisions around how to improve the performance are critical to most companies’ success. FTD simplifies complex water management data, streamlines the decision-making process, and helps to drive action.

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