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The WMA (Water Management Application) is a secure web-based platform that uses a visual representation of water systems to automatically calculate flowrates and chemistry for every stream and system based on critical inputs.

The WMA enables industrial, commercial, and institutional users to conserve water, remain within environmental compliance limits, improve infrastructure performance, better manage operations, and reduce costs.


Water Management Application


Improved Productivity

Systematized data uploads and easy-to-understanding input tables for editing critical input variables.


Enables remote users to collaborate simultaneously

Data Organization

Enables rapid processing of highly complex data and easy verification of mass balance agreement.

Change Management

Reduces risk through documented and controlled changes.

Data Retention

Easy access to a large number of scenarios with long term retention

Automatic Balancing

Balances flows and chemistries throughout the model leveraging sophisticated algorithms.

Water Conservation

Provides the method of accounting for water conservation consistent with industry standards.

Benefits of the WMA

Water Conservation Targets

Cost Savings

Environmental Compliance

External and Internal Infrastructure Capacity Management

Confidential Client Quotes

The WMA takes complex, disintegrated information and makes it organized and clear.

Confidential Client

Expertise is built in, enhancing the abilities of facility engineers and improving decision making.

Confidential Client

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