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Use Digital Twin Technology with Embedded Expertise to Enable New Standards of Sustainability

Improve Sustainability and Enhance Efficiency in Industrial Facilities

Visualize Opportunities and Overcome Bottlenecks in Manufacturing Facilities Through Collaboration

FTD solutions utilizes novel, proprietary digital twin technology with embedded expert knowledge to model the present state of a facility. This assists in identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks. It empowers teams to model scenarios and identify optimal course of actions for enhancing sustainability performance.

FTD solutions works worldwide within the water and other industries, validating the accuracy and reliability of sustainability data for reporting.

Complex water management challenges are adeptly addressed with FTD solutions in different manufacturing settings, including semiconductor, automotive, refineries, equipment, and consumer packaged goods. Accelerating the overall yield of facility systems is a goal which can be attainable through collaborative use of modeling.

Learn the measurable impact FTD solutions has on facilities.

Let us show you how we collaborate for water optimization.

Our Water Management Application (WMA), supports our partners to: 

Reach water conservation goals

Meet environmental commitments

Tackle infrastructure capacity challenges

Drive sustainability goals while cutting costs

laptop showing water management application

FTD solutions supports industrial manufacturing facilities, making it possible to break through barriers, optimize existing conditions, and model the path to future sustainability goals.


We redefine the way industrial facilities solve problems and drive sustainability performance.

Founding Team

Karen Jensen portrait
  • LinkedIn

Karen Jensen, PE

Board Chair

25 Years of Experience in Operations and Business Management

Slava Libman portrait
  • LinkedIn

Slava Libman, PhD & PE


25 Years of Operational and Technology Leadership Experience

Boris Eliosov portrait

Boris Eliosov, PhD & PE

Former CTO

To commemorate Boris' contributions, learn about his legacy below.

Dave Buesser portrait
  • LinkedIn

Dave Buesser, PE


30 Years Operational and Engineering Experience

Meet Slava, a driven innovator dedicated to advancing sustainability through engineering expertise and cutting-edge solutions. With a PhD in Environmental Engineering, he has spent his entire career focused on water technology and its impact on the industry. Slava leads teams in UPW (ultrapure water), industrial water treatment, and facilities technology development, challenging conventional thinking to drive progress.

As the chair of the IRDS Sustainability and Yield Enhancement Forums as well as a leader in SEMI Standards development Water, he is a thought leader in the environmental sustainability in industrial facilities. Slava offers his extensive expertise, approaches, and tools to help others scale environmental sustainability impact by building expertise into FTD software and developing partnerships to collaboratively drive sustainability for industrial facilities.

Meet Dave, a problem-solver who loves engaging with people and leveraging a systematic approach to provide solutions. He values building strong relationships based on trust and results. With a focus on quality and clear communication, he believes that great things can be accomplished by bringing together conscientious, high integrity, skilled people with a common goal.


Dave's expertise lies in driving advanced technology facilities forward, with a particular focus on industrial process piping and distribution design. He has proven track record of both technical and organizational leadership with experience working with multi-disciplinary teams on complex facilities. With Dave's experience and knowledge, clients can make informed decisions producing substantial positive results.


Rick Richardson portrait

Rick Richardson



Vlad Shmunis portrait

Vlad Shmunis

Chairman & CEO


Igor Seletskiy portrait

Igor Seletskiy



Pat Reynolds portrait

Pat Reynolds

Former CIO/CTO


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