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Fields of Contribution

Industrial water and wastewater treatment.

Years of Service

30 Years in R&D and Water Management

Boris Eliosov

Boris Eliosov

Background and Legacy

Boris Eliosov, born on July 28, 1962, in Russia, made significant contributions to the field of industrial water and wastewater treatment until his passing on January 19, 2024.

His expertise spanned various specialized areas, including facility water management, semiconductor waste reclamation and recycling, biological wastewater treatment, membrane filtration, ultrapure water, and hazardous waste management. Boris was a member of professional environmental engineer in Iowa, and he was also a valued member of the SEMI Ultrapure Water Task Force, where he contributed his insights and expertise to the advancement of industry standards. Serving as the president of PCB Water Technologies, LLC from 2009 to 2017, he later co-founded FTD Solutions alongside Slava Libman, assuming the role of Chief Technology Officer.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Boris excelled in his hobby, achieving the title of International Chess Master and ranking among the top US chess players.


Innovations and Inventions

Published Works

Eliosov, B; Libman, V., and Neuber, A. (2015) Water management in Modern Semiconductor Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities. UPW Micro, Portland, OR November 2015.

Eliosov B., Ruth J., and Hesner G. (2014). New generation Point-of-Use particles Control for Ultra Pure Water. Annual Ultra Pure Water for Microelectronics Conference. Phoenix, AZ. November 2014.

Currier, J; Eliosov, B.; Libman, V.; Enloe, D.; and Crandall, D. (2008). Novel Water Conserving Technology Meets Environmental and Business Challenges. Intel Technology Journal, 12, 1.

Eliosov, B. and Libman, V. (2007). Combined Treatment of Semiconductor Fab Effluent— An Opportunity for High-Purity Water Recycling and Environmental Protection. Proceedings of: Semiconductor Water Treatment Technology Developments, Austin, TX, November 7-8, 2007.

Eliosov, B. and Ellis, T. G. (2004) Use of extant kinetic parameters to predict effluent concentrations of specific organic compounds at full scale facilities. Water Environment Research, 76, 444-452.

Eliosov, B.; Ellis, T.G.; Wongkarnka, M.; van Leeuwen, J. (2002) Bioconversion of Waste Organic Matter into a Microbial Biomass Protein. In WEFTEC 2002 (pp. 227-242), Water Environment Federation.

Ellis, T. G.; Eliosov, B.; Schmit, C. G.; Jahan, K.; Park, K. Y. (2002). Activated sludge and other aerobic suspended culture processes. Water Environment Research, 74, 4, 385-410.

Eliosov, B.; Argaman, Y. (2000) Feasibility Study of Complete Nitrogen Removal from Domestic Wastewater by Consequent Nitrification–Denitrification Using Immobilized Nitrifiers in Gel Beads. Water Environment Research, 72, 1, 40-49.

Eliosov, B.; Rubin, D.; Papkov, G, and Argaman, Y (1996).Diffusional limitations and process kinetics in suspended growth systems. Water Science & Technology, 34, 5-6, 93-97.

Eliosov, B. and Argaman, Y. (1995). Hydrolysis of particulate organics in activated sludge systems. Water Research, 29,1, 155-163.

Systems and methods for managing material balance between incoming and outgoing streams of a material in an industrial system

Patent number: 11829123
Type: Grant
Filed: December 28, 2021
Date of Patent: November 28, 2023

Assignee: FTD Solutions Inc.
Inventors: Vyacheslav Libman, Alexander Kondratov, Boris Eliosov

Method and system for treating ultrapure water

Patent number: 11702351

Type: Grant

Filed: June 21, 2021

Date of Patent: July 18, 2023

Assignee: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

Inventors: Boris Eliosov, Glen P. Sundstrom, Bruce L. Coulter

Method and system for treating ultrapure water

Patent number: 11072545

Type: Grant

Filed: September 15, 2017

Date of Patent: July 27, 2021

Assignee: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

Inventors: Boris Eliosov, Glen P. Sundstrom, Bruce L. Coulter

Integrated membrane system for distributed water treatment

Patent number: 8910799

Type: Grant

Filed: August 1, 2011

Date of Patent: December 16, 2014

Assignee: Enveera, Inc.

Inventors: Vyacheslav Libman, Boris Eliosov

Further Reading

To submit additional memories or information, please contact us below:

Boris was brilliant, but also very practical. I loved working with him on projects because he was very grounding. He could always find a path forward, even when a challenge seemed impossible. I was amazed when I learned that he was a chess grandmaster, but then again, of course he was. Whenthings seemed out of control or going down the wrong path with a project, he always had a way of righting the ship. No matter how busy he was, Boris always made time to support his FTD team and I knew I could always rely on him.

Bonnie Marion from FTD Solutions

While I'm not a religious person, I found myself contemplating how, in these challenging times with wars and harrowing events, it seems that the best people, like Boris, aretaken from us. One explanation I considered is that perhaps God feels overwhelmed with all that ishappening and needed the support of the best consultants, and Boris was the best of the best!


Boris was a pure soul. His love for helping others was evident, and he never showed any signs ofbeing perturbed by anyone. He was calm, always ready for action, available at any time or day ofthe week. His extensive knowledge and humility impressed me greatly. Despite his vast knowledge, hewasalways humble and willing to share anything with anyone who asked. The ability to share knowledgewith such confidence is a unique quality possessed by very few.Though I only knew Boris for a few years, the impact he had on my growth as an engineer and aperson is significant.

Gil Maron from FTD Solutions

Boris embodied what it means to be a real expert, teacher, and mentor. While he was able to understand and deconstruct complex problems quickly on his own, he always made time to help share his expertise with those around him. It is rare to find such a brilliant engineer that patiently and kindly help others for truly altruistic reasons. It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to learn-from and collaborate-with Boris for the past six years.

Alex Evashenk from FTD Solutions

Out of all teachers I had from University years throughout my professional career, Boris had been the best and most impactful of all. His deep fundamental knowledge, great communication skill, patience, positive attitude and natural ability to teach made Boris great mentor and collaborator. World needs people like Boris baldy...

Slava Libman from FTD Solutions

  • Boris was always a guiding hand on projects. It gave me confidence that he would be there as a source of not only expertise, but also wisdom to help solve the problems we didn’t expect.

  • He was a brilliant communicator. His report writing skill was almost unparalleled, and his ability to articulate ideas and respond to questions in English was very strong. Part of me wishes that I had the chance to converse with him in his native tongue somehow, I’m sure that’s where his brilliance really showed.

  • Even without being able to talk to him in Russian, we always had interesting conversations, especially when I had the opportunity to share meals with him.

  • He was somewhat reserved with his personal life, but when we did connect it was enriching. I could see that he took the opportunity when possible to be an engaged father, especially because he would always put work first, except for kids it seemed.

  • His sense of humor was excellent – I really enjoyed his dry humor and clever jokes.

Steve Petfield from FTD Solutions

Boris’s expertise enabled teams to ask the right questions and make the right decisions at the right time. Boris possessed a rare gift of transforming complex ideas into simple, digestible concepts that resonated with everyone around him. His expertise was not just in his technical and communication
skills, but also in his unwavering commitment to integrity and rational

Water management projects routinely moved forward with confidence as Boris provided timely data-driven insights as we strived towards sustainability goals. His professional demeanor and dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and rationality not only propelled projects forward but also set a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Marina Cameron from FTD Solutions

When needing professional opinion from the top ranking professional and top ranking honest and reliable colleague Boris was at the top of the list for me. I am missing Boris deeply.

Val Frenkel from TYLin

When I think of Boris a word “Professional” comes to mind immediately. We worked together on several projects, and I was always impressed by his deep knowledge and understanding of the subject we worked on. It seemed he has never stopped learning and investigating, he was a real expert, but modest and humble. I always felt that I can trust his professional advice. It was an honor working with him and it is such a terrible loss.

Inna Rudzsky from Intel Israel

My memories of Boris are filled with moments where I helped him navigate our insurance, interviewed candidates together, or when he patiently answered my random non-technical questions. I was fortunate to sit in on a few recent interviews with Boris. I'm positive no one could match Boris' intelligence and knowledge. During these interviews, I could sense when things weren't going well for a candidate, even though the technical discussions were beyond my grasp. Boris, however, was always kind, attempting to clarify his questions in different ways.

Honestly, navigating the technicalities was challenging for me, but my goal was to support Boris by taking notes. I once told him, 'I tried my best to take notes, but the technical aspects were quite complex for me.' Boris simply responded, 'No worries, I have it covered.' This was a phrase many at FTD had come to know from Boris, reflecting his role as a great mentor and leader.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him. FTD would not be the same company it is today without Boris’ contributions. He will be deeply missed.

Jen Shriber from FTD Solutions

My history with Boris goes back to 2012 and the development of the USPC 3000. I had lots to focus on, Boris’s focus was a little more narrow, so he decided to call me every day to check on the progress. It became something that we would laugh about in the office.

The real bonding for Boris and I came on a project for Texas Instruments where we came up with a concept that saved them about $40M. Boris and I were collaborating on a daily basis and in the trenches together. We were applying our unique and complementary skills to great effect. Boris and I were a great team. We each had our own lane and had an easy time communicating. Boris was humble and ready to defer to someone who had a leg up on him in a certain area. However, technically, nobody had a leg up on him. He was a brilliant engineering mind with a gift to be able to deconstruct ideas and explain concepts in terms that even a simple mind like mine could comprehend.

Our technical team saw Boris as a mentor, technical guide and teacher. Though he had a giant intellect, he never made anyone feel dumb or lesser. Boris was a gentle and kind and always ready to help. There was a sweet form of goodness in Boris. Sure, he was a little quirky, but he top quality. Boris was a dependable man who did the right thing. Boris was my friend. I’ll miss him.

Dave Buesser from FTD Solutions

 I will always remember first time working with Boris. I was junior eng at Intel, and Boris find the time to train and educate me. Together with his vast knowledge and great personality, it was always pleasure working with Boris with projects and task forces. And it was the same ever since for 13 years of collaboration. I'll miss Boris.

Sagi Magrisso from Intel Israel

I considered myself uniquely lucky to work with him and get to know him these last three years. It wasn't nearly long enough. Thank you for sharing your friend Boris with all of us. He will be so profoundly missed.

Lindsey Sullivan from FTD Solutions

Boris was an extremely kind and patient coworker. He taught me a great deal in the time that we collaborated together, and I will miss his mentorship and calming presence at FTD.

Kelly Munns from FTD Solutions

I had a great opportunity to work with Boris while I was working at FTD. Boris was truly amazing, he had a sharp mind and a deep understanding of everything he was working on. He knew how to find the most important part and present it in a clear way. I definitely learned a lot from him and I think he truly had a great impact on me and on our world. With being extremely professional, he was a family guy and we knew he had the hours of the day that were dedicated to his family. He will definitely be missed.

Noga Fridman Bishop from CarbonBlue

Even though I didn't get to work with Boris for a long time, it was clear to me how much he cared about helping people and guiding and encouraging them to continue to explore, learn, and grow. His caring for other people showed through in how he was always willing to help anyone with a problem on a moment's notice. His knowledge, wisdom, and steadfast guidance were very appreciated, and he will be sorely missed.

Mark Miller from FTD Solutions

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