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Case Studies

Enabling Industrial Water Conservation and Increased Reclaim Rate

Developed the strategy to achieve a challenging industrial water reclaim goal at low cost

Improving Sustainability Performance While Reducing Cost

Enabling industrial water conservation via data driven decisions

Identifying Uncontrolled Leakage, Reducing Cooling Tower Water Consumption and Stabilizing Site Reclaim

Evaluated condenser loop flow balance to detect water losses, and minimized cooling tower blowdown

Increasing Reclaim to an Existing Site to Enable Sustainability and Growth

Maximizing reclaim and reducing construction scope within the existing boundary conditions

Mechanical Programming Portfolio

Savings quantified and a straightforward plan developed to drive shorter ROI’s

Polish System Particle Reduction

Testing to identify best-in-class UPW polish system components

UPW Loop Capacity Upgrade

A systematic approach and know-how avoided new equipment to increase the capacity and reliability of an existing UPW system

Global Fab Site Water Modeling

Conservation and right decision making made possible through proper data organization

Energy Conservation Roadmap

Top expertise leveraged to identify new energy conservation opportunities

Multi-Fab HVM Water Model

Developed a water model to allow the user better understanding of the system and basis of design for future efforts

Membrane Bioreactor Troubleshooting

Rapid, creative troubleshooting brought critical waste system back into compliance

Facilities Risk Analysis

Risks to manufacturing reduced and capital effectively prioritized

Hot DI Water System Capacity Upgrade

Creative solutions to solve critical temperature, pressure and flow challenges on an aggressive schedule


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