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The UPW Capacity Management Application is an analytical tool developed by FTD to help size new systems and address capacity risks related to existing UPW equipment and major interconnecting piping. The model supports collaborative solution development and provides the data to enable effective decision making. This secure, cloud-based software solution can provide value to any company operating a high purity water system across all industries.


UPW Capacity Management Application


Built in expert level analysis


Fastest way to capacity analysis with minimum resources and avoiding errors


Built in change management processes to ensure low risk and effective decisions


Software provides automated input transfer, preventing human error

Change Management

Approved model revisions are published (frozen) to ensure record keeping throughout the system lifecycle


Secure cloud-based collaboration with different level of user access and permissions


The application can be used to build capacity model for any UPW system configuration


Critical capacity calculation factors and equipment sizing criteria based on FTD experience and industry practice


Automated report generation provides instant gap analysis

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