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Our Expertise

Ultrapure Water (UPW)

Purified water is critical in many industrial applications. FTD is best positioned to be your partner to address complexities of defining the right solutions, ensuring UPW quality and managing UPW capacity.


We are thought leaders in UPW technology. We are actively involved in the industry, leading efforts in UPW standard development and driving the UPW technology roadmap. No one understands the variables associated with UPW better than FTD.


Using UPW Management Application application, we can help you to chart a course from your current UPW challenges to a solution that will support your needs at the lowest total system cost.


Lean into FTD UPW expertise to improve system performance, improve yield, reduce risks to production, and drive down system construction and operating costs.​

Industrial Site Water Management

In many regions, increasing pressure on water supplies is driving up the importance of water conservation. Furthermore, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) makes water mission critical for most large corporations. In pursuit of reducing city water consumption and increasing reclaim, many sites face less dilution at the outfall, resulting in compliance risks due to concentration.

FTD experts are involved in development of the water reuse and water management technology roadmap for semiconductor industry.

Using WMA platform, we put you in control through big picture understanding and enabling you to better manage the tensions between consumption, conservation, and compliance.

FTD provides the expertise with the tools necessary to help you achieve conservation goals, reduce cost, and mitigate compliance risks.

Energy Conservation and CO2 Emission Reduction

Facility engineers and system owners in existing industrial facilities are faced with a big challenge:  find ways to save energy to support sustainability goals in facilities that have been audited and improved many times.  Driven by ESG priorities the stakes are high.  Facilities teams are fighting to help the business remain competitive, meet sustainability goals and stay within the limits of the existing infrastructure.


EMA (Energy Management Application) is under development to incorporate FTD and industry best practices to help to optimize energy management.

FTD helps facility leaders with industry awareness, evaluation of opportunities and data analysis that supports the development of strategies that result in reduced risk, faster execution and lower cost. The site energy champion ends up with the ability to see opportunity where none was apparent before and then develop that opportunity to become real benefit.

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