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Technology Bridge Collaboration

Unique industry insight through Facility Management Application (FMA) software suite

"There is no bad technology, only ineffective application"

Top level expertise with extensive involvement in industry standards and roadmaps

Streamlined process, making complex evaluations simple

If you are a leader who wants to make a difference, enabling better environmental performance of industrial facilities, please reach out. We believe that the success of this mission is in collaboration, creativity, and expertise combined with productive use of resources - we can enable this together.

If you are a solution provider, don't just innovate; revolutionize the marketplace with us. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the process and how it can benefit your technology.

Benefits of Solution Validation

Seamless Product-to-Market Fit

Tailored Technology Solutions: Strategically align your technology with both present and emerging industry demands, ensuring your offerings are not just relevant today but are poised to meet future challenges and opportunities.


Expedited Solution Deployment: Significantly reduce the time it takes to transition your solutions from concept to commercial reality, giving you a competitive edge in rapidly evolving markets.

Market Insights 

Third-Party Validation: Benefit from an unbiased pre-validation of your technology, guaranteeing that your value propositions are robust and market-ready.

Industry Input to Optimize Offering

Unlocking New Potential: Tap into expert insights to not only refine your current technology but also discover untapped applications and opportunities within the industry.

water management application with highlighted sections
FTD Solutions technology bridge

FTD is an independent solution provider and supports all companies interested in changing the environmental status quo for generations to come. FTD is helping to break down barriers between problems and solutions by leveraging novel tools, world-class expertise, and common values: all of the ingredients to catalyze action and impact.

What is the Technology Bridge?

It is data driven alignment between end users and technology providers resulting in decisions intended to solve mission critical needs. The technology bridge brings innovative solutions to where they are needed and most importantly, fast by performing expert level technology validation.

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